90% of startups fail. Many attribute this high failure rate as the result of the wrong people starting businesses and not getting the right training. We're here to teach you the basics the other 10% follow. Learn the process and develop your ideas through what we like to call "entrepreneurial immersion".

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Make your customers happy – give them a product they’ll love! We’ll provide the tools to ask them and build it.

User Acquisition

Distribution? We’ve got you covered! Get your products launched and into the hands of users!


Looking for investors? You’ll meet them throughout the program, during demo day, and beyond! We’ll make sure you’re ready for them.

During your 3-month journey, expect to focus on:

  • Customer development – You have the idea and realize it’s a good one. How do you go about checking if your customers will love it?
  • Legal/IP – You have an idea – how do you protect yourself, your co-founders and your vision?
  • Revenue – An idea stays that way until it starts generating revenue. We’ll help you identify different streams!
  • Product Development – You’ve done your customer development, refined your idea and come up with a revenue model. Now comes the fun part – actually building the product!
  • Beta Testing – You’ve built your initial product – now get it in the hands of users!
  • Marketing – How will others identify with your story?
  • Pitching – You have your story set. You’ve tested your product. You have early users. Now to raise your next round of funding!
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